Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Residential Burglary in rural Rich Hill

On 6/8/2021 Bates County Deputies responded to rural Rich Hill area around County Road 6007 in reference to a residential burglar alarm. On arrival the Deputies found the house unsecure and found a trail of coins and dollar bills leading from and upstairs bedroom to the front door. The trail also led from the front porch to the driveway where it was apparent that a getaway vehicle was sitting.

Deputies began a search of the area and made contact with two subject in a vehicle within a mile from the residence. During the contact the two subjects had inconsistent stories with the deputies. A search of the vehicle revealed a backpack full of coins and crimpled bills consistent with the coins and bills found in a trail leaving the residential burglary.

Again, the driver and passenger had different stories about the backpack and its origins with the driver finally stating that the back pack was his 78 year old grandfathers. Contact was made with the grandfather who stated that when he loaned the vehicle to his grandson there were no bags in the vehicle.

The driver initially identified himself by providing a fake name to the deputies and offered to show the deputies where he picked up the passenger. The passenger stated he hasn't known the driver very long and state he only knew him by a street name.

The driver was unable to relocate the farm and was returned back to the scene where he was advised that the deputies had properly identified him and that he had multiple warrants. The Driver was identified as Harlan A Boonstra, 10/30/96 out of Butler Missouri. The driver was arrested on his four outstanding warrants. Boonstra was wanted on two warrants for failure to appear for burglary and stealing more than $750. Two warrants for Possession of a controlled substance and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. His bonds were set at $29,000. He was transported to the Bates County Jail.

The passenger was identified as Zachery J Handly, 4/21/94 out of Butler Missouri was also arrested and transported to the Bates County Jail. On 6/1/2021 Bates County Detectives working jointly with Adrian PD started conducting a criminal investigation into Handly for a Burglary involving theft of a trailer loaded with misc items and a motorcycle. Charges are expected to be filed on that investigation within the next couple days.

On 6/9/2021, both Boonstra and Handly, were charged with Burglary in the 2nd degree and stealing over $750. Bonds were set at $20,000 each.

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