Friday, June 11, 2021

WMATMA Great Beginnings: The Ohio Gas Station

The Ohio Gas Station 

    By Don Arndt

   On Main street of Frontier Village near the Museum sits an old metal structure gas station. About 1993 the Ohio, Missouri community donated an abandoned gas station that had been in their small village since the 1930’s. We were told these were prefab tin buildings that the Skelly Oil Company used all over the country. They could come in a set them up in a very short time and be in business. 

 A few pickup loads of members traveled to Ohio (between Lowery City and Appleton City) with two trailers and lots of tools. We took the building apart and loaded each sheet of metal and all the fasteners on our trailers and headed to Frontier Village. Along the way Don Hill was stopped by the Highway Patrol for some reason but no citation was written, then a few miles down the road Delbert Watt’s, load (We didn’t get them strapped down good enough) unloaded itself after the wind caught the tin sheets. Most of the sheets landed on the other side of the fence, so we had to re-load. Of course, some of that tin was bent badly from their windy ride out into the field. We made it the rest of the way without incident and unloaded all the pieces in a pile for construction the next week. The men then straightened out those sheets that had gotten bent. After we got it put together, many donations of memorabilia came in to “stock” the old station.

 Many thanks to the Ohio community for their desire to have this great piece of history preserved and that it be done at Frontier Village.

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