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Thursday, July 8, 2021

News from Heiman Agri-Services

Effective Fall 2021- including our summer fill customers!!

With our continued delay in receiving payments and lack of finance charge acknowledgment, we are starting a ‘due on delivery’ policy. 

Starting this propane season, all propane will be due on or before delivery. We ask that you take advantage of our prepay program and buy l.p. ahead for the winter, that way we’ve been paid, and you’ll have gas coming to you. 

Our prepay program allows you to lock in gallons, at our current price, to have delivered monthly throughout the fall/winter, until you’ve used up all of the gallons you’ve paid for. If prepay isn’t an option for you, we ask that you either pay with credit card the day you order, or leave cash/check under the tank lid, if you’re unable to meet our driver when he delivers. 

Gas will not be pumped into your tank unless it has been paid for. If you rent a tank from us, tank rent will be due upon invoice, lack of payment will result in tank repossession. We ask that you call our office at 660-679-3000 or come by with any questions you may have concerning our new policy.

Thank you, Heiman Agri-Services