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Thursday, July 8, 2021

News from the Rich Hill School District

Dear Tigers, today the district saw an interruption in its natural gas service. We do not believer this affected any district activities. The district transitioned to a statewide energy consortium for its natural gas to get a reduced rate.

While this saved us thousands of dollars this year, the switch from billing through Liberty to Symmetry, combined with a 2 month delay from the Texas energy crisis, created an internal billing problem at Liberty that resulted in a disconnect order for the district. Even though my office caught this months ago and asked for it to be corrected several times before July, the order still went through.

The consortium is offered through the Missouri School Board Association and they intervened on our behalf today. We believe the situation is resolved at this point. Kids may not be here, but school can still be an exciting place during the summer!

And it case you didn't see Dr. Gilbert's announcement, it was an honor to be present when Dawn Breckenridge received her Regional Teacher of the Year Award today. Congratulations Mrs. Breckenridge! - Courtesy of the Rich Hill School District