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Friday, July 9, 2021



Covid left serious damage to our way of life and to our youth. Last year, the starting of the school season was uncertain. This year however, there is no doubt the kids will go to school. Many parents/guardians have trouble making ends meet daily. Those of us with children know the hardships of trying to get our kids ready for school. We must budget to get clothes, Shoes, socks, and school supplies and each additional child just makes the struggle that much harder. The poverty level in Bates County is high. Even with both parents working there is still not enough money to meet all the family's needs. That is why we at the Carpenters Cup are teaming up with West Central and Wal-Mart to fill an ever-increasing need. Our efforts with West Central will help with the school supplies and back packs and with Wal-Mart for shoes and socks.

Prior to Covid, this county helped supply approximately 240 kids with new shoes and a package of new socks and approximately 100 kids with new backpacks and school supplies. Unfortunately, because we started too late, we were not able to help more families and had to turn kids away. We are getting a head start this year and our goal is to double the number of families needing help. We are asking individuals and businesses in the county to help support the children. We will post a public thank you in appreciation to all contributing businesses. If you have questions, please call 660-679-3333. We will take donations of backpacks, and school supplies, but we are asking for money donations for the shoes and socks. Please help by sending your contributions to

Project Hand Up/the Carpenters Cup 102 S. Bishop St. Butler, MO 64730