Friday, August 20, 2021

Miami R-1 back to school protocol

-Miami R-1 will begin the year in a mask optional mode. It will be individual choice whether to wear a mask or not.

-The district will remain in this “mask optional mode” unless the total combined number of positive COVID cases & quarantined individuals within the building reaches 10%. If the 10% threshold is met, the district will require masks of all staff and students for a minimum two week period or until the number of COVID cases/quarantined individuals drops below the 10% threshold.

-Masks are still required to be worn at all times on school busses and district transportation due to a federal mandate.

-A coordinated effort is being made to social distance in all possible settings.

-Breakfast will be eaten in classrooms.

-Lunch will be eaten in classrooms with the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria on a limited basis due to space.

-Parents may enter the building on our first day of school (August 24th) in the morning to capture the moment with their child/children.

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