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Monday, August 2, 2021

New BCMH Ambulance Outfitted for the Pandemic

Last week, a budgeted trade-in ambulance for Unit 1 was delivered to Bates County Memorial Hospital’s EMS department. The new model’s modern features reflect the times, including several safety features that enhance infection prevention during transit.
Ambulance service in Bates County is unique as it is one of the few ambulance services in Missouri managed, housed and funded by a hospital with no tax support.
The old Unit 1 served the county well with over 250,000 miles, and as a 2010 model, was considered "really old" for an ambulance, according to Russell Whisenand, EMS Supervisor.
The new Unit 1 includes features that directly aid medic’s efforts during the pandemic. Purchased from American Response Vehicles of Columbia, Mo., Unit 1 comes with a built-in fogging system for sanitization between patients and a custom-fit plexiglass bubble shield for the stretcher.

BCMH owns four ambulance units. In 2020, the hospital purchased several portable decontamination units to enhance safety measures facility-wide, one dedicated to the EMS department for ambulance sanitation.
#funfact Ambulance is written in reverse so drivers in front of the ambulance can quickly recognize the word in the rear-view mirror and make way for the ambulance to pass in an emergency. BCMH EMS team members present to inspect the new 

Unit 1 ambulance on July 28, from left: Jarrett Reno, paramedic; Buddy Pike, paramedic; Greg Weaver, CEO for Bates County Memorial Hospital; Braden Vomund, Regional Sales Manager - American Response Vehicles; Russell Whisenand, Ambulance Supervisor; Angela England, EMT; Alisa Buenneke, EMT.