Thursday, August 19, 2021

Nutrition Tribe & Boutique Fundraiser

The Nutrition Tribe & Boutique at 54 E. Main Street in Adrian is doing a fundraiser for this beautiful family from Adrian. All day tomorrow Friday August the 20th and Saturday the 21st. ALL tips will go to them. If you haven’t heard their story here it is.

Jessica Paul and Cole Reeves tested positive a couple weeks ago for COVID. Where as Cole was suffering all the symptoms and Jessica was only showing mild. She took a turn for the worse and her o2 was down to 87 so they decided to make a trip to the ER. Upon arrival Cole was asked to leave the hospital leaving Jessica on her own. Jessica is 20 weeks pregnant. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to the hospital. 

She was transferred from Golden Valley to Centerpoint where she is currently on a ventilator fighting for her and baby Z ‘s life. Cole has not been able to work since testing positive. They also have two other babies to worry about. All my prayer warriors, this family need needs lots of prayers! 

Please and thank you! Come out and see us to help out this family! Thank you!!

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