Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Adrian Council To Take Action Regarding Motel Property

All members present for the monthly Adrian City Council meeting last night.

By unanimous vote, the council advised the city attorney to file an injunction against the owners of the former motel property (located at Main street and old business 71 highway), now apartments, due to allegations of illegal activity and other complaints that have plagued the location for the past several years. According to counsel, a hearing will be requested to determine if further action can be taken. Mid America Live will be following this closely and will provide additional information regarding dates and details as they become available.

Another hot topic of discussion has been a travel trailer, located on the back of the Methodist Church property. In an effort to help a person "get back on their feet", the church has been allowing them to live there temporarily. Neighbors have expressed concerns whether or not this violates code or zoning laws and the council is investigating. However, a spokesperson on behalf of the church stated that plans now include moving the trailer to property the church owns outside of the city limits within a few months. The church is asking for a formal letter from the city advising them that action is indeed needed; the council plans to provide that document as soon as possible.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding the upcoming requirement of business licenses for those operating within city limits. A rough draft of the proposal was provided to the council by the city attorney, which will be adjusted and discussed by the council in the regular October meeting. It appears that the license requirement may include proof of minimal liability insurance and the tentative date to meet the requirement will be May 1st, 2022.

Tim Watts approached the council with plans to develop an RV park near the old landfill/lagoon property. Council advised that a permit is not needed unless permanent structures are built. At this juncture, Watts is envisioning less than 20 lots; however more could be in the works. He also stated that those staying in the RV park will be required to move their campers on a regular basis to avoid long term issues in keeping the location as a true RV park.

The sale of the Adrian manor facility to Baptist homes is complete. There will be press conference/photo op this afternoon at 3 pm at the facility to commemorate.

It was announced that the Adrian Public Library will reopen at 10 am, Tuesday September 21st to allow the public to see remodeling work that includes more space, new books, new computers, child activity areas and more.

For those not in the know, the city has pumps located on the Grand River near Archie that provide raw water to the city lake, which in turn feeds the water plant. The river pumps have been plagued with issues, including one that was not apparently rebuilt to specifications by a third party company. While details are being worked out regarding that issue, the city approved $13, 500.00 for another pump that will help keep up with water demand in the meantime.

Fire Chief Gary Dizney spoke to the council regarding two new members of the fire department. One is in the process of finishing EMT training, which brings the department to having 6 paramedics and several EMT's on board. To ready the new members, turnout gear is required and the council approved up to $8,000.00 for this need. Dizney did state however, that the full amount may not be needed, he will seek the best deal possible.

The city is also looking to replace several work trucks, while most don't have that many miles on them they do have a lot of hours, and some are beginning to use oil and have other major issues. Currently Dodge is the only maker that can provide a truck that meets the need in a reasonable amount of time. Hard numbers regarding exact price of the trucks desired, along with other costs such as utility beds and additional outfitting will be provided at the October council meeting.

The spillway bridge at the Adrian city park/Frontier Village is slated to be replaced at an estimated cost of $7,500.00. This, along with some street repaving is hoped to be completed before Winter.

The Adrian city council meets on the second Monday of each Month at 7 pm, at city hall. Note the October meeting will be moved due to a holiday, we recommend checking the city of Adrian website for info. Mid America Live will also publish the date as soon as it is released.

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