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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Watts, Kenneth R. (Trustee) to Watts, Kenneth R. Str 25-39-31 //Sw+ 
Oates, Heath A. to Oates, Allison L.  Str 31-41-32 //Se
Hedrick, Joseph S to Hedrick Enterprises Llc Str 24-40-31
White, Raymond W. Jr & Connie K. Trust 11-29-2011 to Parker, Alison A. Lt 1 Bl 1 Montgomery’s Third Addn
Wetter, William Howard to Terpening, Ethan Rayward Str 28-39-32 //Ne
Austin, Bonnie R to Austin, Bonnie R. Trust 05-20-1999 Str 33-40-31 //Se
Austin, Bonnie R. Trust 05-20-1999 to Dirks Hilltop Properties, Llc Str 33-40-31 //Se
Hastings, Joshua D to Attebury, Melissa J Lt 88 Gilham’s Addn
Shine, Robert D to Mccluskie, Julie Str 24-40-32 //Nw
Jensen, Linda Brown to Hubbard, Sandra Lt 1 Lynwood Estate
Vaughn, Robert A. to Stone, Tammy M. Lt 172 Town Company’s First Addn
Winder, Clay to Maleki, Hooman Str 19-42-33
Peterson, Michael R. to Davis, Nathalie Lt 16 Whispering Oaks
Hobbs, Steven to Duffield, Brian Lt 5 Bl 16 Walnut Nka Foster+
Dines, Alan Dale to Shepherd, Nicholas Str 22-40-31
Dines, Alan Dale to Dines, Alan Dale Str 22-40-31
Champlin, Richard R. to Brown, Zachary W. Lt 6 Bl 10 South Drexel
Post, Kevin Gene to Nitsche Family Trust June 10, 2009 Lt 52 Country South+
Brown, Gloria J (Co-trustee) to Hedrick Enterprises Llc Str 19-40-30 //Se
Wetter, William Howard to Wetter, William II Str 28-39-32 //Nw
Stevenson, Renee to Yarbrough, Lynwood R. Joint Living Trust 10-10-2018 Str 6-38-33 //Sw

Marriage Licenses
Dustin David Duffield & Stacie Ellen Thompson
Gustav Paul Arndt & Kristen Marie Taylor
Lincoln Richard Cody Burch & Elaina Faith Hagen