Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Kagarice, Samantha to Gregory, Joshua: Lt 1 Bl 4 Amsterdam, Original Town Of+
Gregory, Joshua to Cleveland Affordable Storage, Llc: Lt 1 Bl 4 Amsterdam, Original Town Of+
Jackson, Kaitlin K to Jackson, Wyatt W: Str 15-42-32 //Se+
Clem, Tonya L. to Clem, Anthony D: Lt 16 Glenbrook Farms
Newsome, Kenneth L. (Trustee) to Newsome, Kenneth L: Str 11-42-32 //Se
Scrogham, Charles N to Riddle, Nancy C. (Trustee): Bl 2 Montgomery's First Addn
Spears, Teresa Suzanne to Redfern, Teresa: Lt 92 Town Company's First Addn+
Woodall, Chad M. to Wharton, Stephanie: Lt 67 Town Company's First Addn+
Dgd Properties, Llc to Dgd Racing, Llc: Str 31-42-29 //Se
Smith, Bette Marie Trust 08-31-2000 to Smith Legacy Trust 09-15-2021: Str 7-41-31+
Hubbard, Sandra S to Miller, Cody: Str 19-40-30 //Sw
Talley, Brett M to Integrity Home Services Inc: Str 25-42-31 //Se+
Burton, Cheyenne D. to Warren, Cheyenne D: Lt 2 Bl 6 Hunn's, Polly A. Addn+
Fields, Robert J to Ewing, Peggy L: Lt 9 Bl 1 Page, Louis F. Addn+
Mibro Asset 1, Llc to Rockville Renovations, Llc: Lt 4 Bl 29 Rockville, Original Town Of+
Grant, Michael E. (Suc Trustee) to Boonstra, Andrew: Lt 3 Bl 2 Harper's (Albert) Subds 23-40-31
Kirtley, Jerry D. to Kirtley, Jerry D. (Trustee): Str 23-40-31 //Sw
Watts, Kenneth R. to Watts, Kenneth R. Trust 09-17-2021: Str 25-39-31 //Sw+
Smith, Jimmy to Hendrix, Troy D: Str 9-38-31 //Sw

Marriage Licenses:
Joshua Thomas Mellenbruch & Mackenzie Carol Hale
Antonio Luis Alvarado & Krystal Icie Swarnes
Misty Dawn Wilson & Ashley Elizabeth Mcmurphy
Shawn Michael Ridihalgh & Krystal Marie Ryden
Emsley Matthew Diehl & Geraldine Cecelia Hill
Jared Lee Becker & Anna Elizabeth Klassen

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