Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Congratulations to Jaswinder Singh, MD

Congratulations to Jaswinder Singh, MD and his team of oncologists from MidAmerica Cancer Care for making the cover of Healthy Kansas City's September issue!

In the article, Dr. Singh is quoted as saying: "Trust is a big word ... it is something that develops over time. We work hard to find the right treatment (for patients) and make that available (to them)."

The primary mission of MidAmerica Cancer Care, located in Kansas City on the campus of St. Joseph Medica Center, is to provide compassionate cancer (oncology) care to patients within their own communities - and their hometown hospital. BCMH is one of ten regional facilities supported by the cancer care center.

"Too much focus is often placed on patients receiving care at large academic centers where the patient can receive the 'ultimate' care," he explained. "What is not emphasized is that the same exceptional level of care is being offered at these community hospitals by physicians like those on our team who see it as a moral imperative to deliver this care to patients who would otherwise be without resources."

Dr. Singh is a visiting hematologist-oncologist to the Outpatient Specialty Clinics at BCMH, along with Moeid Riaz, FNP-C, Brandi Samson, NP, and Carson Burns, AGNP-C.

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