Monday, September 27, 2021

Stolen vehicle recovered in Bates County

On 9/27/2021 at around 6:00am deputies observed a truck and trailer hauling a Jeep in the area of county road North East 15504 after a call of suspicious activities.

When the deputy turned around on the vehicle it took off and was believed to have ran into a field. As other deputies arrived on scene they found the vehicle off the roadway behind a row of trees unattended.

A records check of the truck showed it stolen out of Pleasant Hill Missouri. Deputies contacted Harrisonville Police Department to make contact with the Jeep’s owner.

The owner of the Jeep advised the Jeep was at a house outside of Adrian Missouri and that no one had permission to have the Jeep and that it would have been stolen.

Both vehicles have been returned to proper owner. The owner of the trailer also was contacted and the owner stated that noone had permission to use the trailer. The truck, trailer and Jeep was recovered on his property.

Items recovered from the truck belong to the property owners son. Who when confronted advised that his keys and phone must have been stolen also.
Other items including the drivers license of a second subject was recovered from the stolen truck. If you know Zack Handly please let him know we are looking for him AGAIN and would like to return his Identification card and wallet to him. We are sure it was stolen when they stole the other gentleman’s phone and keys and dumped all the other stolen property on his friends property.

As the case is being investigated we are confident we have identified the driver and passenger of the stolen truck and are waiting for the video from Pleasant Hill Police to compare to. Charges are expected to be presented to the Prosecuting Attorneys Office.

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