Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Theft reported near Passaic

On 09/07/2021, a Deputy responded to 6634 North East Business 49 Loop Butler, Missouri in regard to a theft. Upon arriving he made contact with victim.

The victim stated his crew was rained out on 09/04/2021. When he arrived on 09/07/2021, the gates was open. The victim stated later he noticed the trailer holding the tools was missing the padlock. He stated he look around the area but was unable to find the padlock.

Upon doing an inventory of tools, he discovered several to be missing. He provided a list of tools missing but did not have serial numbers for them. He stated most of the tools would have JCL engraved into them or written on them with a paint pen.

The list of tools is as follows:
2 Stihl chainsaws Model MS170
1 Ground Rod Driver with Honda Motor
4 Milwaukee Impacts
1 Milwaukee Grinder
1 Milwaukee Drill
1 Milwaukee 1/4 Impact
4 Milwaukee Battery Chargers
Several 18 Volt Batteries
1 Klien squeeze tool with 1 Dewalt Charger and 2 Dewalt Batteries

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of the stolen tools please contact a Detective at 660-679-3232

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