Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Ward, Robin to Ball, Lyle M Str 22-40-31 //Sw
Base, Steven L. to Base, Loren K. Bl 36 Sperrys Addn
Sargent, Lance to Shaffer, Jeremy L Str 22-40-31 //Ne
Thornton, Melody to Deems, John Dillon Lt 1 Bl 8 Gilbert Heights+
Scheilz, Stanley Ray Sr. to Mce Squared, Llc Str 22-40-31 //Se
Mclain, Neil D to Mclain, Richard Lt 36 Lynwood Estate
Alkire, David L to O’niell, Patrick Str 25-42-32 //Sw
Ewing, Peggy L. to Lenz, Logan Str 22-40-31 //Sw
Carrell, Wanda J. to Rank, Steven Str 15-40-31 //Se
Smalley, Larry Gene to Van Voorst Enterprises, Llc Lt 1 Bl 6 Thompsons Addn
Martin, Linda F to Beisly, Connie Lt 4 Lynwood Estate
Beachner, Gayle J. (Trustee) to Stevens, Jason Str 12-41-30 //Nw
Light, Donald L. to Cella, Paul J. Str 20-42-29 //Nw
Pendergrass, Debra to Bartling, Nyle Str 12-41-32 //Ne
Morse, David A. to Jones, William K. Str 21-40-31 //Ne
Wilson, Lisa R to Haskins, Paul J Jr Lt 115 Adrian, Original Town Of+
Simons, Audra Carleen to Wright, R Todd Str 5-40-32 //Ne
Biggs, Sharron L to Biggs, Edward L Lt 11 Bl 2 Atkison Park Addn P3/10+
Tabor, Ronald D to Tabor, Ronald D Lt 10 Bl 39 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+
Askew, Cody Ray to Askew, Cody Ray Str 17-42-29 //Sw
Yunger, Piper R. (Trustee) to Thompson, William J Lt 2 Bl 10 Butler, Original Town Of
Lowe, Sandra K. (Trustee) to Shadfar, Siavash Trust 04-28-2014 Str 19-42-33
Lowe, James E. (Trustee) to Shadfar, Siavash Trust 04-28-2014 Str 19-42-33
Csm Foreclosure Trustee Corp to Bank Of New York Mellon The (Suc Trustee) Lt 10 Bl 18 Amoret, Original Town Of+
Porter, Nicolas B. (Trustee) to Citizens Bank Of Amsterdam Lt 4 Bl 6 Reese’s Addn+
Morris, Lurenda L. (Trustee) to Lockard, Alan Lt 2 Bl 24 Butler, Original Town Of
Roberts, Lynnda M. (Trustee) to Umstattd, Kevin (TRUSTEE) STR 30-41-29

Marriage License
Fischer, Hagen Lowell and Ryan, Brooklyn Nicole
Hubbard, Kenneth Wayne and Lewis, Shanna May
Smith, Joshua Lee and Baumann, Lacey Amanda
Ghai, Kartik and Brooks, Jessica Renee
Ragan, Michael Tyler and Bailey, Mary Virginia

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