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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Grappler training a success in Butler

This morning the Bates County Sheriff's Office along with technicians of "The Grappler" preformed some test training on Rice Road in Butler.

A little how the Grappler works the police vehicle drives up behind the suspect in a police chase, needing only 7 inches of ground clearance at the back of the vehicle, after which the contraption can ride down the bodywork to a lower clearance at the wheelhouse. 

A 5-mph closing speed is enough to engage the Grappler on a tire, then the net typically tangles and ties itself to the rear axle, stopping the wheel and often rendering the vehicle undrivable.

Sheriff Anderson spoke to us about the positive affects of this device and how it helps to stop pursuits and save innocent lives. The Bates County Sheriff's Office currently has 7 vehicles equipped with this Grappler product.

We appreciate the Sheriff's Office inviting us to this training! 

View the Grappler Website below: