Monday, October 11, 2021

Local Adrian Family in need


The Pugh family gives to this community in so many ways. In an unexpected turn of events, they are now faced with a medical scare and need our help in return. DeDra has been diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery last week. She’s still in the hospital while the doctors figure out why she’s having intermittent fevers.

DeDra will undergo six months of chemo and they are relying on one income right now. If you wish to help them make ends meet, please contact the Pugh family and/or see the info below. If you need assistance with contacting them, let us know and we will help you.

You got this, DeDra. Stay strong!
Venmo: Dedra-Pugh
Cierra Pugh: checking and savings accounts at Citizens Bank
Katie Cox: Works at Byrd's Pecans
The family can also can try meeting anyone if need be.

Courtesy of the Adrian News Leader! 

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