Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Obituary - Sherrie Doody

The world lost a one-of a kind woman. Sherrie Doody passed away surrounded by those who loved her on October 4, 2021. She was the biological mother of Ashley Caviel and Michael Doody although she was considered a surrogate mother to countless others. She leaves behind 3 grandchildren, 9 brothers and sisters, and several nieces and nephews that she cherished dearly.

Sherrie lived her 57 years of life on her own terms. For most of her life, you rarely found her without a Mountain Dew in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Most knew her as a tenacious, hard-working, generous, strong-willed soul who never left a word unsaid. She had a unique way of connecting with people and saw the good in everyone.

She had a passion for caring for others. She spent much of her life dedicated to caring for the elderly. She was a collector of things. What the collection was just depended on the season of life she was in. Her treasures were many. Most would say, “they never met someone like Sherrie and likely never will again.” She was loved and held a special space in the hearts of those who knew her.

Sherrie had a relationship with Christ and her faith saw her through many aspects of life. She graduated from Rich Hill High School in 1983. She resided in Butler, MO and surrounding towns throughout her life.

At Sherrie’s request there will be no formal visitation or funeral. However, those who wish to pay tribute to her during a Celebration of Life are invited to do so. It will be held on Sunday, October 10th from 2PM – 4PM at Trent’s BBQ 720 E Walnut St, Rich Hill, MO 64779.

Cards and memorial contributions are all welcome. Please contact the Heuser Funeral Home for details.

I don’t think a relationship exists like the one my mother and I had. It was by no means a typical mother/daughter relationship, but it worked for us. My heart can rest easy knowing she is now at peace.

My mother taught me the meaning of how to hustle, be ambitious, and raised me to know no limits. She instilled limitless confidence in me. Because of her I approach life without self-doubt.

As an adult, I can recognize that we lived in poverty. But as a child, I had no clue. She was a provider and made sure my brother and I never went without and went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we wanted and more. This is a testament to who she was as a person. She went without in order to be able to give to others.

Those who knew her – loved her. She made special connections with people. She was genuine and authentic. She did things her own way and was relentless in doing so. She did things to the max. You knew with her it was always going to be something. My mother did the best she could. And she gave her all.

Her life lasted 57 years but she left an impression that will last a lifetime. It’s time to hang up the gloves and rest easy, mom.

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