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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

PSA: Archie Residents

PSA: Archie Residents:

The holidays are closely approaching and with all the rushing around between shopping and family events we can easily get distracted. Lots of people become very vulnerable during the holidays which is why we should take precautions now to keep yourself and your vehicle safe during this holiday season. Here are some tips to remind you of what to be aware of for the upcoming season.

1. Make sure you manually lock up your vehicle.

2. Park safely in a brightly lit area with other vehicles and people around.

3. Make sure you hide your valuables in your vehicle such as devices, chargers and exposed bags. Leaving these objects in plain sight of thieves makes your car a target.

4. Pay attention and stay off social media when in parking lots, driveways or at any store.

We recently had a vehicle that was broken into and with items stolen from our community so please take note of these helpful tips and make sure that your vehicles are locked up at night and your valuables have been removed from your car. Have a safe upcoming Holiday season from the Archie Police Department!