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Friday, October 22, 2021

State Farm Student Athlete of the Week!

We are so excited to announce this week’s State Farm Student Athlete of the week, Briar McIntire. Briar is a sophomore and plays for the varsity Archie Whirlwinds football team. He was nominated by his Coach Drew Smith. Coach Smith stated “Briar had 20 rushes for 265 yards and 6 touchdowns last week offensively in our win against Lockwood. He also added 8 tackles on defense. Briar not only excels on the field but is an all A student in the classroom. 

He is a huge asset to our team.” When we asked Briar to tell us something he has learned playing sports that he can apply later in life he stated “I’ve learned a lot about teamwork. If you come together as a team you can accomplish a lot more than if you try to go at it alone.” When we asked him what it takes to become an elite athlete and a leader on your team he stated “it takes determination and consistently doing the stuff no one else wants to do.” Briar is just a sophomore so he’s undecided on future plans but plans on attending college and possibly continuing to play a sport depending on how things continue to go through high school. 

It was a pleasure talking to Briar and this honor is well deserved. We want to wish him and his team the best of luck tonight as they take on Concordia. Archie is currently ranked second in their district and 7th in the State. Congrats to Briar and the Whirlwinds!

Pictured left to right: Kellie Davidson State Farm; Briar McIntire, son of Matt & Dana McIntire; Head football Coach Drew Smith