Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Sumner, Craig to Sumner, Jamie Lt 7 Bl 3 Sprague, Original Town Of+
Tolle, Steven to Tolle, Sam Str 26-42-32 //Se
Dak Farm, Llc to Pannell, Tim Str 35-40-30 //Sw
Watts, Timothy A to 3rd Street Lofts, Llc Lt 105 Town Company’s First Addn+
Bridges, Christopher Michael to Pugh, Cory Lt 15 Glenbrook Farms
Murray, Shawna to Hines, David A Lt 10 Bl 83 Walnut Nka Foster+
Rodriguez, Raul to Gabriel, Mary Elizabeth Lt 5 Bl 12 Gilbert Heights+
Pruitt, Douglas G to Dodds, Cody L. Lt 4 Brooks’ Ridge Subd P4/55
Anderson, Melissa A. to Anderson, Melissa A. (Trustee) Lt 12 Bennetts Subd
Peters, Dustin Chase to Talcott, Michael L Str 31-41-32 //Se
Everley, Charles F to Thomas, Timothy N Str 20-38-32 //Ne
Mcelwain, Michael G to Peters, Dustin Chase Lt 3 Lynwood Estate
Culler, Jeremy M to Nissen, Hunter Lt 8 Bl 21 West Side Addn
Fletcher, Austin to Dry Creek Construction, Llc Str 15-39-33 //Se
Algiere, Tammy to Mccann, Robert H Ii Str 1-38-30 //Ne
Fillpot, Bud to Swarnes, Michael Lt 5 Bl 58 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+
Funk, John Muhlbach, Christopher Lt 2 Bl 1 Thompsons Addn
Pannell, Tim to Kagarice, Luke R. Str 11-41-30
Parks, Brian to Thomas, Michael John Str 16-41-29 //Se
Mcwhorter, Sharon L. to Robertson, Randall Str 2-40-31 //Sw
Coffman, Gary F to Lindsay, Tommie E. Jr. Lt 1 Bl 7 Thompsons Addn
Regan, Linda to Mcwhorter, Sharon Lt 1 Bl 4 William’s Addn
Caple, Matthew A to Nitsche Family Trust 6-10-2009 Str 22-40-31 //Se
Nisely, Malissa K. to Rich, Calan Lt 7 Bl 86 Walnut Nka Foster+
Askew, Ronald Dean to Askew, Cody Ray Str 28-42-29
Cox, Matthew Aaron to Close, Wayne Str 21-41-29 //Sw
Gunnels, Deborah Jane to Gunnels, Jay Dee Str 16-42-33 //Sw
Hartman, Michael W. to Hartman, Michael W. Str 3-42-31
Heiman, Douglas J. to Heiman, Douglas J. (Trustee) Str 4-39-33
Heiman, Douglas J. to Heiman, Douglas J. (Trustee) Str 32-40-30
Heiman, Doug to Heiman, Douglas J. (Trustee) Str 32-40-30 //Nw
Heiman, Doug J. to Heiman, Douglas J. (Trustee) Str 33-40-32 //Nw
Nash, Alexandra Mitchell Hailey to Nash, Joshua Gray Str 29-42-31 //Sw
Winegardner, Susan (Trustee) to Cox, Amy Elizabeth Str 21-41-39 //Sw
Porter, Nicolas B. (Trustee) to Citizens Bank Of Amsterdam Bl 25 Walton’s Second Addn+
Hess, Margaret E. Trust 04-01-1986 to Hess, James Phillip Trust 04-01-1986 Lt 410 Country South Ext. #4
Parker Trust 02-11-2014 to Mcelwain, Michael G. Lt 413 Country South Ext. #4+
Marriage License:
Blomquist, Joshua Joe and Smiley, Jozie Mae
Mccoy, Larry Ray and Swarnes, Paula Rayanne
Biggs, Ronald Duane and Young, Kerri Ann
Irwin, Larry Dean and Lacey, Courtney Nicole
Berwald, Michael Wade and Greene, Amber Marie
Piepmeier, Tyler Dean and Chandler, Allie Kay
Birdwell, Tyler Johnson and Burton, Bethany Mae Lynn

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