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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Nisely, Malissa K. to Rich, Calan Lt 7 Bl 86 Walnut Nka Foster+
Askew, Ronald Dean to Askew, Cody Ray Str 28-42-29
Cox, Matthew Aaron to Close, Wayne Str 21-41-29 //Sw
Turner, Richard S to Rodgers, Adam Str 33-42-31 //Nw
Umstattd, Dennis L. to Blaser, Kaleb Str 23-40-31 //Sw
Webber, William A. to Osborne, James L Lt 41 Mills, C. L. Addn+
Williams, James A to Gentile, Christopher Str 13-39-30 //Se
Atilano, Juan Manuel to Atilano, Rene Str 12-41-32 //Sw
Laning, Rick A to Hankins, Donnie Lt 12 Bl 92 Town Company's First Addn+
Mcewan, Michael E Jr to Mitchell, Tiffany Bl 192 Town Company's Fifth Addn
Doughtery, Jerrold J to Anderson, Sean Lt 11 Bl C Park West P4/52
Tlc Hidden Treasures, Llc to Atkinson, James Lt 5 Bl 1 Montgomery's Third Addn
Findley, Andrew to Bridges, Christopher Str 20-42-31 //Se
Wimsatt, Loren W. to Rodriguez, Michael Lt 16 Gilham's Addn+
Mit-Bor Land, Llc to Miller, Wilma M. (Trustee) Str 4-38-32 //Sw
Pugh, Cory C to Cook, Larry Str 23-41-31 //Nw
Bearce, Elvin L. to Dunlap, Ronald D. Str 27-40-31 //Se
Foster, Ian to Stewart, John Andrew Str 14-38-29 //Ne+
Meehan, Erik to Fletcher, Michael D Lt 15 Adrian, Original Town Of+
Winegardner, Susan (Trustee) to Cox, Amy Elizabeth Str 21-41-39 //Sw
Mcgeeney, Sarah J to Laning, Bradley Lt 12 Bl 92 Town Company's First Addn+
Foster, Shelbi Katelyn (Fka) to Foster, Ian Dane Str 14-38-29 //Ne+
Cox, Douglas to Cox, Douglas Str 29-42-31 //Ne+
Miller, Wilma M. (Trustee) to Mit-Bor Land, Llc Str 4-38-32 //Nw

Marriage Licenses:
Birdwell, Tyler Johnson and Burton, Bethany Mae Lynn
Munday, Jamie Lee and Welch, Zoe Ann