Monday, November 29, 2021

Butler Junior High Wrestling News 11/29

The Butler Junior High Wrestling Team had their first home meet tonight. Another great night.

Preston Mallatt: 3-0.
Bryce Bedwell: 2-1.
Daryl Jarreau: 2-1.
Damian Alkire: 3-0.
Cohen Wilson: 3-0.

Next up we have another home meet on Wednesday with the junior high, varsity boys and girls.

Come out and watch the entire team take on Holden and Oak Grove!

Current records going into December:
Preston Mallatt: 15-2.
Bryce Bedwell: 10-3.
Daryl Jarreau: 13-5.
Damian Alkire: 15-0.
Cohen Wilson: 13-0.

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