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Monday, November 15, 2021

Local Football Round-Up By Cameron Hook 11/15

By Cameron Hook 

It is a new week. A week in which there are now new 11-man district champions across the state of Missouri. This, of course, means the end of the season for just as many teams. On top of that, 8-man district championships have been set in stone. So to avoid burying the lede, let’s get right into the result everyone has been waiting to find out about.

The Butler Bears took the field Friday night in the Class 2 District 5 championship game. They lined up opposite the Lafayette County Huskers of Higginsville. This was a matchup between two teams that tend to put sizable numbers in the stat line and more than a few points on the scoreboard. Despite this, it was Lafayette County’s distinguishably dominant defense that was the biggest takeaway from the night. Butler tried their hardest to try and find some life on offense but it was to no avail. The Bears were kept scoreless in a game that ended 48-0 in favor of the Huskers. 

Notwithstanding the result of the championship, Butler’s season is one still deserving of praise. Coach Webb and company have done an incredible job putting together an already impressive résumé. The Bears have gone undefeated in the regular season in back to back years. To complement those undefeated seasons have been back to back trips to the district championship, even picking up the win in last year’s. To say that the program is being turned around is an understatement. Coach Webb is building a winning culture at Butler, and for all you Bears fans out there, let’s hope that it can last.

Following I-49 (or 71 depending on who you ask) north from Butler will lead directly to Archie. From Appleton City, follow MO-52 west, then like before, head north on I-49. This is the route the Bulldogs took to get to their Friday evening showdown against the Whirlwinds. Not long after, their season had come to an end then they were back on the road. The Whirlwinds showed again why they are the no. 2 seed, earning a win with a final score of 65-18. Archie took advantage of an Appleton City defense that has given up an average of 47.7 points per game this year. Combine that with a Whirlwinds team loaded with immense offensive firepower, and you get the recipe to Archie’s ticket to the district championship. 

This Friday will be Archie’s second consecutive trip to the district championship, and while they may have come up short last year, they will get the second chance they have been fighting for all year. They have finally earned their shot at redemption, but with one particular team winning last week, perhaps it is no longer about redemption for the Whirlwinds but revenge instead. 

Now the question arises, what team winning could affect how Archie views the championship? The answer is clear if one can recall last year's district championship. Drexel ended Archie's season last year and is looking to do it again. Whirlwinds fans everywhere are hoping for a different result, but it will be no simple task. The Bobcats are coming off a win Friday evening against Jasper. Drexel might not have scored as many points as usual, but they still won by forty. The final score was 54-14. With that game out of the way, the Bobcats will look to continue their already dominant season. The main point to key in on for this game is that these two teams met earlier in the season. While Drexel may have won in a blowout that game, Archie is not the same

team that they were then. The Whirlwinds should be a substantial test for the Bobcats. Archie has improved as a team as the season has progressed. With that said, Archie will also have prior experience to build upon, and the coaches will have a game plan to reflect this. This will be an 8-man, gridiron chess match between Coach Dean and Coach Smith with the title of District Champions hanging in the balance.

With all that said, it should be pretty easy to guess the Sports Round Up Game of the Week. With a storyline that sounds reminiscent of a Friday Night Lights season finale, it was unavoidable that Archie at Drexel would be chosen. The No. 2 seed facing off against the No. 1 seed. A battle of Goliaths, a tale of redemption and revenge. Hopefully, for all of us football fans, this will be a close one. 

Make sure to get to Drexel early on Friday to get a good seat as Briar Mcintire and the Whirlwinds try to upset Jacob Coffey and the Bobcats.