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Monday, November 1, 2021

Local football roundup by Cameron Hook

By Cameron Hook 
November 1, 2021

While it may be too late to say Happy Halloween, and too early to say Happy Thanksgiving, it is the perfect time to say hello to playoff high school football. With the “spooky season” in the rearview, let us get right this week's Sports Round Up.

To start off this week we will be talking about a Cass County school just a little ways north, Harrisonville. With Butler on bye this week, it was only appropriate to start off with something a little different. The Wildcats football program had a middling year this season going 4-4. Those four wins came from games against Waynesville, Warrensburg, Maryville, and Oak Grove. Friday night was a team they had not faced before though, Friday night was a road trip to Grandview. Now, while it may only be a twenty-five minute drive there, the Wildcats made sure it was worth their time. Harrisonville came out swinging and sent Grandview packing as they won in dominant fashion 51-15. Harrisonville will advance in the playoffs and will be facing the daunting challenge of taking on the undefeated Lincoln College Prep,

Next on the list is the Adrian Blackhawks. This impressive team came into Friday’s game on a four game win streak and left with one more as they beat the Cass Midway Vikings 44-0. This is an improvement for the Blackhawks as the last time these teams faced off, Adrian won 41-12. On Friday they proved that they can make adjustments and learn from past games as not only did they perform better on defense, but offense as well. Can they keep this hot streak or will it all come crashing down? Find out Friday as the Blackhawks travel to take on the Windsor Greyhounds. This will be one you do not want to miss as the Blackhawks come into this game averaging right around 34 PPG (points per game) and the Greyhounds averaging 45 PPG. 

If you want offense you are going to get it by the truckload in this one, as Adrian is going to have to keep the ball moving all night if they want to come out on top. They will need to play as close to mistake free as possible because Windsor has 15 turnovers so far this season and they seem to capitalize on each and everyone of them. It will undoubtedly be a tough matchup but the Blackhawks will be looking to play some of their best football of the season against a Greyhounds team with a huge target on their backs.

In other news the Nevada Tigers came out on top in their first playoff game of the year. Needless to say they were expected to as the Tigers only lost two games this year and the East High Bears only won one. Despite all the makings of a trap game, Nevada lived up to the expectations and controlled the entire ball game. They made fast and easy work in a 64-6 win that will send them on to play Bolivar in the next round. Nevada has been an impressive team so far this year and they will look to make a deep playoff run. While Bolivar will be looking to upset the Tigers, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see this squad playing past this week and on into weeks 13 and 14 and possibly further. This Tigers offense has been lethal, putting up at least 50 points in half of their games this season. This offensive production has come on the back of a very sturdy defense. A defense that despite giving up 21 points or more in half of their games, has shown that they are tough and have an abundance of playmakers all over the field.

Now with so many local teams on bye this week, it is time to take a look at those two games this Friday. Let us begin with the Drexel Bobcats, a local 8-man favorite as they have yet to add a tally to the loss column. With it now being time for the playoffs they will be looking to avoid one of those at all costs. Their first playoff game will be against Osceola. The Bobcats head into this matchup heavy favorites, as Osceola heads into this one with only one win in the record book.

Next up is the hometown Butler Bears who’s matchup this week is a little less favorable than Drexel’s. The Bears will be in front of their home crowd Friday night as they look to remain undefeated against the Holden Eagles. Coach Webb and company will need to keep the offense rolling and focused as the opposing Eagle’s defense has only allowed a miniscule 11.6 PPG. Despite the tough defense, expect Butler to “Bear Down” and hold the fort and be playing football next week as well. You already know this is the Round Up Game of the Week, as last week the title was (accidentally) given to Butler’s bye week. With last week’s mistake out of the way, it can be said confidently that Holden at Butler is the must-watch game of the week. If you have not seen a Bears game yet this season, this is the game to go to.