Monday, November 8, 2021

Local football roundup by Cameron Hook

By Cameron Hook: 

At high schools all across the state, playoff football is in full swing. What an exciting week of high school football, from blowouts to triple overtime, this weekend had a little bit of everything. Who stood tall? Who had their season end? No worries, this week’s Sports Round Up will answer these questions and more, so without further ado let’s hop right in.

This week, 8-man football is the launch point. To start off, the spotlight is shining brightly on the Drexel Bobcats. They hosted the Osceola Indians on Friday evening and advanced to 10-0 on the year. The top-seeded Bobcats did so by handling business against the ninth seed Indians, finishing with a final score of 62-0. For junior Jacob Coffey, it was an incredibly productive night. Coffey finished the game with an impressive four touchdowns rushing and to cap it off, he added another six points through the air. As a coach you cannot ask for much more, so the Bobcats have to be pretty pleased with the performance. There was a time to celebrate but that is in the past as now the sights are shifted onto Jasper. The Jasper Eagles are the next threat to Drexel’s claim to the throne, as they will face off Friday. Jasper comes into this game off the heels of a win over the Rich Hill Tigers, a bout that ended 58-30. Now it is time for the Drexel Bobcats to strap in and focus up, as they are on a fast track to the District Championship and if they can keep it up, the State Final could become a reality.

Before we continue the 8-man football onslaught, the hometown team needs to be discussed. The Bears of Butler High took to the field Friday night in a game that might have surprised some with how defensive it turned out to be. The game was against the Holden Eagles and it ended in a final score of 16-8, in favor of Butler. The Bears defense played lights out and the offense struggled to get going. A large part of the reason for this is due to the fact that the Eagles’ defensive game plan was rooted in one singular philosophy, stop the run. For the entirety of the evening, Holden would routinely put seven, eight, and sometimes even nine guys in the box. This helped slow down the Bears rushing attack, but could not silence it entirely. 

The Bears advance in the District Tournament and will be hosting Lafayette County on Nov. 12. This will be a real test of determination for Butler, as the Huskers are the No. 2 seed and have been playing excellent football all season long. If the Bears want the magic to continue they will need to find ways to be more flexible with their offense and will need to figure out how to cut down on the flags coming their way. 

The offense needs to find reliable success outside of the run and as for the penalties, the Bears are averaging a little over six penalties per game their last three games. That is a number that is going to need to come down as they progress further in the tournament. As with each game played, every yard earned and lost seems to matter just a bit more.

Now to take a quick detour down south, the Nevada Tigers and Bolivar Liberators fought hard in a game that was a thriller to remember. When Bolivar made the trip to Nevada, they most likely

were not planning on staying as long as they did. After finishing the season with a negative record, the Bolivar Liberators were not favored going into the battle against the Tigers. This apparently did not matter too much considering the fact that at the end of regulation this game was all tied up at 16. Following regulation it took a whopping three overtimes to declare a winner! In what the Liberators’ twitter account called, “The best high school game you’ll ever see,” the Tigers emerged victorious 40-38 following a successful 2-point conversion.

Back now to the high-scoring action-packed fun that is 8-man football. While the sun set and the temperature dropped on the cool, crisp fall evening, it was the Archie Whirlwinds and the Appleton City Bulldogs that took the field. The outcome of this intercounty showdown; a one-sided affair that was not fun for the Bulldogs’ faithful. The Whirlwinds stood strong as they controlled this one 65-18. Now Archie moves on to face Lockwood, the last remaining obstacle in their path to take revenge on the Drexel Bobcats.

The final team this week is one that we will unfortunately be saying goodbye to until basketball season rolls around. Last week the Adrian Blackhawks took a devastating loss that ended their postseason. After a hard fought season the Blackhawks were knocked out by the defending State Champion Windsor Greyhounds. 

The Greyhounds have found a lot of success as of late, winning the championship last year and having a positive record to end four out of their last five seasons. Nevertheless, Adrian managed to avoid the shoutout, finishing the game with a final score of 36-12. Windsor will go on to play Skyline on Friday for the District Championship in a game that is always a good to watch. 

We advance one week further into the playoffs and there are many interesting and entertaining matchups on the slate for Friday evening. As for what would be the most entertaining game to watch this week, that is a difficult decision. The Sports Round Up Game of the Week is No. 3 seed Lockwood at No. 2 seed Archie. These are two high powered offenses that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat in what could potentially be a shoot-out.

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