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Friday, November 19, 2021

State Farm Student Athlete of the Week

We were excited to travel to Drexel for this week’s athlete of the week senior, Cory Cumpton. Cory plays for the Drexel Bobcats and was nominated by his Coach Phillip Dean. Coach Dean stated “Cory is a leader who has helped guide his team to playing in their third district championship in three years. You can always count on Cory to do the right thing and give his full effort and at 6’1” and 180 lbs he’s probably one of the toughest kids on our team”.

When we asked Cory to state what he has learned through playing sports that he can apply later in life he stated “playing sports and being on a team is more like being a part of a family.

You have to learn to get along with everyone even if there are some you don’t like, and you have to be able to communicate with others on your team effectively to make things work.” When we asked him what it takes to become an elite athlete he stated “you have to be able to take the criticism the coach gives you and try to build upon it and keep getting better.

If your coach isn’t getting onto you about anything, that’s not good and means he gave up on you.” We asked Cory what he felt like was different about his team this year that has made them successful he stated “this year I feel like everyone has taken a step up. We have worked the last two years and did well, but this year it feels like we’ve all matured and all the pieces are coming together.” Drexel plays Archie tonight for the district Championship. We wish Cory and the Bobcats the best of luck!!

Pictured left to right: Julia Cumpton, Mother of Cory; Senior, Cory Cumpton, son of Brian & Julia Compton; Head Football Coach Phillip Dean; Kellie Davidson, State Farm Agent