Thursday, December 23, 2021

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Heckadon, Cynthia L. to Frieze, Donald H. Lt 7 Bl 5 Huston’s 2nd Addn+
Holloway, Tim to Miller, Charles Bl 7 Walton’s Addn+
Moles, Derek to Moles, Jessie Lt 11 Bl 5 Huston’s 2nd Addn+
Mcmurphy, Rebekah Michelle to Mcmurphy, Rebekah Michelle Lt 6 Quail Run Estates
Whisenant, Glenda Anne (Trustee) to Ott, Brandon John Str 14-42-32 //Sw
Pitts, Randy M. Trust 03-06-2007 to Gadsden Flag Armory, Llc Lt 3 Bl 10 Butler, Original Town Of
S&W Foreclosure Corporation (Suc Trustee) to Hli, Inc Lt 170 Town Company’s First Addn
Six, Cary R. (Trustee) to Six, Cary R. (Trustee) Str 20-42-31+
Doane Farm, Llc to Fischer, Kyle Str 24-39-31 //Sw+
Doane Farm, Llc to Fischer, Kyle Str 23-39-31+
Horn-Marsh, Kester Luke to Trelease, Donald Scott (Trustee) Str 19-39-33 //Ne
Busch, Robert G. to Vick, Jeff Lt 2 Adrian, Original Town Of+
Kunkelman, Jeanne to Vick, Jeff Lt 2 Adrian, Original Town Of+
Thorp, Kalan to Thorp, Kalen Lt 11 Bl 57 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+
Craft, Larry D. to Craft, Kyle Dean Str 1-39-30
Rayborn, David Ernest to Good, Gavin Str 11-41-33 //Nw
Nieder, Linda Kay to Mondulick, Gwendolyn Ruth Lt 4 Bl 12 William’s First, Ext. Of Addn
Droz, Jeffrey D to Johnson, Teresa Lt 1 Bl 164 Town Company’s Second Addn+
Warden, Daniel D to Saathoff, Garry D Str 10-41-31 //Se
Mccoun, Shane M to Schrock, Jon B Lt 14 Evergreen Subd+
Schrock, Jon B to Hedrick, Chance Page Str 27-40-31 //Sw
Regers, Douglas to Dry Creek Construction, Llc Str 15-39-33
Hofbauer, Parker to Kravtsov, Lyudmila Lt 17 Robin Dale Subd P4/60  #221+
Loreg, Ivan D. to Kithcart, Lindsey Lt 12 Bl C Park West Re-Plat #1 P4/61
Finklang, Arlene to Wolford, Joshua David Lt 82 Country South
Ball, Judith A. to Underwood, James Michael Lt 16 Triangle Estates+
Burgess, John W to Burgess, John D Str 30-40-32 //Se
Marriage License:
Rebuck, Gregory Alan and Selleck, Barbara Allen
Brubaker, Wilmer M and Hoover, Emeline Brubaker
Weers, Kevin Richard and Otto, Melody Lane

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