Thursday, December 30, 2021

Celebration of Life for David Robert Etterling

Celebration of Life for David Robert Etterling
Submitted by Sarah Lacer

Robert Alexander Lee Etterling (Alex) would like to announce a life celebration for his father. On December 27th 2021, David Robert Etterling passed.

The official obituary and memorial service will be at a later date to have him placed near his father and eventually his mother at Mount Moriah in Kansas City. There will be a Celebration of Life Ceremony held at Altona Baptist church on Sunday, January 9th 1:00pm.

Everyone that loved David is welcome as he loved so many. He was a great friend to many people. He frequently expressed to me the multitude of people that impact his life daily. I could never be able to recount each of you by name. I don’t want to leave any single person unlisted because you all were near and dear to his heart.

Alex would like to honor his dad and meet all the wonderful people that crossed his life. Our small town came together to support him with his medical needs and David always wanted me to make sure that when this day comes you all know you have a place in his heart. I know he felt it from all of you as well because I know about all the OATES trips, all of the medical professionals, all the home health professionals, the Methodist church family, the Altona Baptist family, the Yoss Thriftway family, the Harrisonville Sonic family, and so many more that I’m wishing I took notes.

Anyone that knows they would like to attend please let Sandi Schoor know so I have an approximate count for the church family hosting our celebration on Sunday January 9th at 1:00pm.

Courtesy of the Adrian News Leader

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