Thursday, December 2, 2021

Clinton Fire Department to host basic grain engulfment rescue course

The Clinton Fire Department is set to host a Basic Grain Engulfment Rescue course this Saturday, December 4, 2021. Course participants include members of the CFD and several other surrounding fire departments.
The class is designed to introduce participants to the hazards and issues associated with grain entrapment/engulfment emergencies and basic techniques to safely conduct initial rescue operations.
In a community such as ours that has a large agricultural presence, training in this type of rescue scenario is of the utmost importance. The Clinton Fire Department obtained a grain rescue device several months ago due to generous donations from surrounding agencies. Fundraising efforts for the rescue device were headed by CFD Firefighter Scott Hutcherson. This particular training class will provide the knowledge necessary to implement the new device if needed in a real life rescue scenario.

More information and pictures of the training will be shared next week. The training class is being offered free of charge by means of a sponsorship by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety

 - Fire Education/Advisory Commission. The course is being delivered by the University of Missouri Extension Division Fire and Rescue Training Institute.

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