Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Gayle Fleischer retiring as Pantry Thrift Store Manager

Hi Thrifty Friends!
This is Gayle Fleischer, your Pantry Thrift Store Manager and Community Food Pantry Financial Manager.

In September 2013 I joined the Community Food Pantry organization after 32 years in banking.

This was an opportunity to help my community continue to provide food to Bates County residents in need of food and take on a new challenge to make a success of the newly opened Pantry Thrift Store while continuing to live in Butler to assist my aging parents in their final years.

This is my last week working for the food pantry and thrift store. Jan. 2022 will be the beginning of the next chapter in my life as I retire and leave Butler to seek out new adventures and experiences.

Thank you to the hard-working employees, volunteers and board members I have worked with in the past eight years and for the support from our donors and shoppers of Community Food Pantry of Butler/Pantry Thrift Store that have made Pantry Thrift Store a thriving addition to our community.


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