Thursday, December 23, 2021

Linn County Emergency Management warns of scam

We just received a phone call from someone representing himself as an evergy (KCP&L) employee. We were told that we were 2 months behind in our electric service payment and would be disconnected in 20 minutes unless we made payment with a credit card. 

He attempted to give me a phone number for the credit card payment and got very upset when I questioned his identity. I advised I would look up the evergy phone number and make payment that way if needed. I was told I would know he was an evergy employee when he disconnected my power in minutes.

I was able to make contact with an evergy employee who told me that evergy does not solicit payments from credit cards over the phone. Additionally, the evergy employee had seen an email a few days ago advising of a scam going around.

This is not a legitimate phone call or situation. Please do not give your credit card information out if you receive a similar phone call. It is a scam.

We are not behind on our utility payments to evergy, and our power has not been disconnected as Brian Hernandez had promised.

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