Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Obituary - Melana "Lana" Marie Batzold

Melana “Lana” Marie Batzold, age 34, passed away on January 3, 2022, at Research Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

Melana was born April 4, 1987, in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, her parents were Dr. Frederick Batzold and Connie “Sunshine” Batzold.

Lana was loved by all like family, many called her a sister, aunt, soul sister, Celtic sister, God Mother, she was never just friend, Lana was family.

I truly believe the reason Lana was so important to so many was because of her genuine love for people and her outgoing personality. Lana was always the woman to give you her last dollar, a meal if you needed it, to drive hours if someone needed assistance, to offer a shoulder to cry on, kind words and prayer to help you get through a crisis, and mostly a wonderful mother and daughter to her small family. She was also the first one to enjoy a hunting or fishing excursion with family members. Her love for family and dear friends was fierce, always making sure that her son and parents came first. She offered home cooked meals that tickled your tastebuds and gave warmth to your soul with an open house to neighbors for Chiefs games and comradery.

Lana, a front-line soldier in this age, has fought to save lives working long hours as an LPN. She has worked taking care of those with COVID and contracting with other locations around the state that needed assistance to care for their patients. Over the last year, she has been working from home for a Covid Hotline contracted through the CDC. She answered calls regarding Covid information from health care providers as well as public calls, answering questions for anything Covid related from vaccine info, side effects and Covid symptoms. Lana had a way of comforting patients with her words helping to ease concerns. I believe that is what made her a great nurse and coworker everyone was very fond of Lana, she expressed care for them and those she helped.

Lana achieved so much more in her short amount of time here on earth than a lot of us do in a lifetime. She was able to touch so many lives in such a positive way, leaving her mark to forever be carried by us all, especially her one true love, her son.

We all must carry her torch of light and love in her memory so to light the path forward, spreading kindness, compassion, and joy to those that are around you.

Melana is survived by her mother, Connie “Sunshine” Batzold; son, Lucas James; siblings, Amanda, Jon, Samantha, and Ashley; as well as many family and friends.

She was preceded by her father, Dr. Frederick “Fred” Batzold; cousin, Nick Frazier.

Lucas says, “I love you Mom, it’s not goodbye I will see you later”.

Mom says, “ I love you very much and miss you very much. I will see you later. Love your daddy for me”.

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