Monday, February 28, 2022

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

 As recorded February 21st-25th

Kendall, John to Fischbach, Mark R Lt 14 Wemola Acres+

Pruitt, Larry to Rinauro, Brian Str 13-42-33 //Sw

Sargent, Lance E. to Heiman Agri-Service, Inc. Lt 1 Bl 11 West Side Addn

Romi, Ethan N. to Rusk, Alexander L. Lt 24 Glenbrook Farms

Freedom Mortgage Corp to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development Lt 3 Bl 1 Scott’s Addn

Garren, Larry Dale to Garren, Larry Dale Str 12-40-30

Fennewald, Jerry to Fenewald, Jason Dale Str 14-39-29 //Ne

Irwin, Keith C. to Acevedo, Jose Bl 2 Reese’s Addn+

Fletcher, Jordan to Swarnes, Matthew Lt 1 Bl 23 Town Company’s First Addn+

Avery, Stefanie to Langley, Karen Lt 85 Adrian, Original Town Of

Thompson, Frank G. to Fink, Roger Lt 4 Bl 10 South Drexel+

Varns, Jack to Parker, Don Str 7-40-30 //Ne

Burk, Shain A. to Burk, Shain (Trustee) Lt 3 Bl 10 Gilbert Heights

Adrian Elks Lodge 2864 to Tindle, Todd R Lt 105 Adrian, Original Town Of

Amerihome Mortgage Co to Underwood, James Michael Lt 171 Town Company’s First Addn

Lincoln, David L to Lincoln, Tyler Str 5-41-31 //Ne

Cooper, Rhonda to Rc & Rc Llc Str 9-38-31 //Nw

Rc & Rc Llc to Brooks, Daniel Str 9-38-31 //Nw

Cox, James to Champlin, Karen Lt 10 Bl 182 Town Company’s Second Addn+

Huddleston, Karen to Huddleston, Karen Lt 10 Bl 182 Town Company’s Second Addn+

Marriage license:

Shaner, Brandon Lee and Thomas, Deborah Gail

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