Tuesday, February 1, 2022

From the Adrian R-3 School District

February 1, 2022
Dear Blackhawks:

As you may already know, there are predictions for snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday throughout the day. We want to prepared you in advance. 

While we prefer not to use AMI days, we have the potential to be out for several days if we have large amounts of snow fall. In fact, here is the plan for the remainder of the week if we cannot be back in school this week:

-Wednesday - AMI Day
-Thursday – AMI Day
-Friday - AMI Day

Students are counted for attendance on AMI days through any of 4 methods:
1. Communicating with teachers in real time via online or phone on each AMI day.
2. Logging into Google Classroom and being active there
3. Submitting assignments via Google Classroom or email to the teacher prior to returning to school
4. Submitting assignments upon the day of returning to school.

All students are responsible for completing the activities and assignments. All assignments for the AMI day will be reinforcing or reviewing previous learning or previewing information that will be used in upcoming classes or lessons. Note that if we are AMI Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that assignments are not due until the students return to the school on Monday.

We appreciate your patience and help during this time as we know this is not the ideal situation. We hope to be open as much as possible. Teachers will be in communication with students and/or parents if an AMI day is announced. If you have questions, please reach out to us and let us know.

Don Lile
Adrian RIII School Superintendent

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