Saturday, February 12, 2022

From your friends at Michael G's Greenhouse

We have been busy getting things growing for spring. Some of you have heard me ask what grows best in the winter, my reply is the stack of bills it costs to run four greenhouses! Like all of you, I get pretty tired of these cold fronts by now.

The warm sunny days sure have been nice. We have one and a half houses pretty full of geraniums, ferns, succulents, and lots of plug and seed flats to start working on. Last fall an owl landed on the electric transformer to the greenhouses and disconnected the power, so I now have a new worry to add to my already long list.

Jesus asked who could add one second to their life by worrying, and of course the answer is no one. I am still learning to lean more on Him and less on me. 

Spring is coming...the daffodils are coming up. Thanks to everyone who has helped my dream of working at home come true. Monetarily I am not rich, but I have riches that are far more important than that. Everyone does. See you soon.

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