Friday, February 4, 2022

Happy Retirement Donnie!

Friday afternoon Donnie Wiggans celebrated his retirement with friends and co-workers at Nevada Regional Medical Center. Donnie was born in Kansas City, but moved to Fort Scott as a young boy.

There he eventually worked at Ruddick’s Furniture for 17 years before moving to Nevada to work at Heilig-Meyers Furniture. In 2001 he joined the Materials Management team at NRMC and says he’s really enjoyed working with the hospital staff. “I’ve given them a lot of trouble and they’ve given it right back.” Materials Management Director Mandi Jordan added, “Donnie has been a ‘rock star’ on customer service surveys multiple times. He has gone above and beyond to take care of customers and their needs. 

I’m proud of him, and for having the privilege of working with him for nearly six years.” Donnie now looks forward to hunting, fishing and working with his Golden Retriever. Congratulations Donnie!
(Pictured here with Donnie is Materials Management Director Mandi Jordan.)

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