Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Adrian Hires Interim City Administrator

During the regular city council meeting Monday night, it was formally announced that David Blackburn will begin serving as city administrator in an interim capacity beginning this week. Blackburn previously served with the City of Archie and Lawson, Mo. and will be filling the position vacated by Lori Williams several years back. The city is looking forward to Blackburn coming aboard as officials have been steadfastly working to overcome some issues and keep forward momentum into 2022.

In other council news, a discussion was held regarding business licenses, which has been tabled until an upcoming meeting. However, it does sound like they will cost $50.00 and be required starting January 1st. 

The city is in search of a code enforcement officer, it was mentioned the former Butler fire chief Jim Henry might be able to help until the position is permanently filled.

Cleanup of burned homes and structures was mentioned, there are three or so properties in town that need attention. The city attorney will verify ordinances regarding this and report back at the April 11 meeting.

The control box for a storm siren near the Baptist church was damaged by a vehicle and there are concerns the siren may not operate reliably. Cost to replace the box will run approximately $5,000.00 and most likely will be done before bad weather arrives. Fire Chief Gary did say that the unit can be operated manually if needed in an emergency.

Some city buildings are in need of paint, caulking and masonry repair. Bids for the work are running right around $15,000.00 and most likely will be done this year. Ongoing issues with water damage prompted the city to fix it before it gets worse.

City hall has become home for lots of abandoned bicycles and they need to be sold or donated to free up space. The city attorney will report back with how this should be handled from a legal perspective at the next meeting as well.

The Adrian taxi service suspended operations during the pandemic and there's demand to get it going again. Sounds like a new battery for the vehicle is all that is needed and the public will be informed as soon as the service is fully up and running.

The Adrian city council meets on the second Monday 7 pm, at city hall. The public is highly encouraged to attend.  

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