Thursday, March 3, 2022

BCMH Employee of the Month for March 2022

Betty Reinke is recognized as the Employee of the Month for March, 2022 at Bates County Memorial Hospital. Betty began her employment in 1987 in the laundry department. She has also worked in housekeeping, but has spent most of her years at the hospital working for the purchasing department. Betty is a very dedicated employee who is extremely knowledgeable about all of the products used at BCMH. 

She has been vital during the COVID pandemic to make sure that BCMH has the products needed in order to provide patient care to our community. This has not been an easy task with frequent shortages, but she somehow finds a way to get the products needed. 

Betty deals with others in a respectful manner and is always willing to help others as needed. She is very cost conscious and works extremely hard to save the hospital money wherever possible. Betty strives for excellence in her many duties, focuses on providing quality customer service to all, and she enjoys her job. BCMH appreciates Betty for the great job she performs every day.

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