Saturday, March 19, 2022

From the Bates County Sheriff's Office

What a beautiful day outside today! We hope you’ve taken the time to get outside and enjoy the weather and maybe had a good bbq.
Today we received information from our partners in the cyber crimes. This has brought awareness of a planned large party this evening. 

That has been promoted all over social media. We know the location and the people responsible for this party. Our hopes is that the beautiful weather doesn’t turn into bad decisions and tragedy tonight.
So to do our part we have invited all our deputies to participate in “Project Joe Schmoe” this evening. We will have over 15 additional deputies and support staff working the project with the purpose of combatting underage drinking, drug use and impaired driving. Additional jail staff and dispatchers have also been brought in to handle additional influx of customers to our facility if needed.
To the parents. Our goal is to prevent horrible tragedy and prevent us from knocking on your door to tell you your worst nightmare. To the parents that think it’s ok to host these parties we will work with the prosecutor to make sure those that put our community at risk are held accountable.
Know where your children are tonight. Know where they are every night and help us by having a conversations about making good choices. Don’t be mad when you get a call from us saying you need to pick up your son or daughter at the jail because of THIER decisions and actions. It’s far better than telling you your loved one is at the hospital or worst, the Coroner’s Office

So why are we announcing publicly that we plan to bust a large party and that we know where it is? Our community is best served by us preventing tragedy before it happens. Too often we are called after the fact and have to piece it together.
We want to work with the parents and the community to invest in our youth because a community’s Future lies within it’s youth.

From the Bates County Sheriff's Office 

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