Wednesday, March 30, 2022

From the desk of Butler Fire Chief Jason Bennett

Tornado warning 03/29/2022:

Regarding the recent storm warning on 03/29/2022: at 11:39 pm I was notified that the county of Bates was under a thunderstorm warning from 11:39 Tuesday to 12:15 am Wednesday morning.

At 11:44 pm Tuesday I was informed that the warning went from a thunderstorm warning to a tornado warning from 11:44 to 12:00 am. I then went out to monitor the storm myself and looking at our radar it showed the storm cell was around the Passaic area.

I went to the TT overpass to watch the storm for myself and in doing so I did not see any immediate threat to the citizens of Butler. I was in direct contact with the Pleasant Hill weather radar, and they could not confirm a tornado in our area just some radar indicated rotation.

The city of Adrian also was out watching and decided to not set their sirens off either. As per our operating procedures, It takes a radar indicated rotation and a confirmed sighting of a cloud lowering to sound the sirens in the city of Butler in order to not start a city-wide panic .

If visibility is limited to the point that cloud lowering is unable to be determined, yet there is radar indicated rotation sirens will be sounded. If ever in doubt we will err on the side of caution and sound the sirens.

Chief/EMD Jason Bennett

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