Friday, March 18, 2022

Obituary - Michael Minsky

Mike Minsky loved a long ride on a fast Harley, a cold beer on a summer day, and a hot grill at his side. He will be remembered for his mischievous smile, infectious full-hearted laughter, and devilishly charming antics.

Mike was a generous and thoughtful father, husband, son, grandson, brother and friend who always made the extra effort to stay in touch with prank phone calls at odd hours and weird unsolicited internet videos. He recently took to gifting his loved ones with smart home devices, mostly so he could send fart noises into their kitchens whenever he thought of them - which was often.

More than anything, even more than a great dad joke, Mike loved being a father to his three cherished sons, Riley, Russell, and Ryan; as well as his step-children, Elly and Mack.

He loved several dogs in his lifetime and like his favorite pitbulls - he had a lot of bark, a little bite, and a big heart - but mostly he was a lovable goofball with horrible gas.

Mike enjoyed cooking - a gift to those he invited into his home, where he was an enthusiastic host; quick to make you feel welcome and eager to pour out a heavy-handed serving of good times. He liked a good prank and a joke and a laugh. His enthusiasm was contagious so he made friends wherever he went. He was a proud and skillful plumber - always willing to be the butt of any jokes that were cracked.

He loved to cheer on his prized Boston sports teams and start a good-humored Yankees S*ck chant in a Midwestern bar - no matter what game was on. A dedicated fan, he’s left his family to sort through years of accumulated New England Patriots decor in the middle of Kansas City Chiefs territory. Even though he treasured the life he built in Missouri, to many of us he will always be like the Sam Adams commercial - your (favorite) cousin, from Boston.

Michael is survived by his adoring (and incredibly tolerant) family: Wife, Kirschen, who he was madly in love with and shockingly lucky to marry. As well as his step-children, Elly & Mack Stewart, who he loved and embarrassed in equal measure; Sons: Riley, Russell & Ryan who he loved deeply and was infinitely proud of;
Parents: Diane Sigren (and Dave Sigren) & Mark Minsky (and Kit Minsky); Siblings: Brian (and Shani Minsky), Sam & Leah Minsky;
Maternal grandparents: Mary Mullen & Paul Kenney; Paternal grandmother: Myra Minksy. Michael was predeceased by his grandfather, Sidney Minsky; As well as countless cousins, uncles, aunts, in-laws, and friends who will miss him very dearly.

Everybody has a Mike story and we'd love to hear them all. A celebration of life will be held on Sunday, March 20th from 2:00-4:00 pm
227 Municipal Circle
Raymore, MO 64083

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating online to

But, what would have really made Mike the happiest is for you to have a laugh and drink with a friend and bullsh*t about his antics or play a harmless prank on some unsuspecting chowdah-head.

Arrangements: Cullen Funeral Home, Raymore, Missouri 816.322.5278

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