Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Adrian Welcomes New Mayor, Alderman


IT'S OFFICIAL Mayor Pro tem Jeff Vick, Mayor Matt Cunningham and Alderman Jeremy Bridges took the oath last night during the regular session of the city council meeting. Before getting down to business, Mayor Cunningham made the following proclamation:

"I thank everyone for the support and well wishes and the offers of help. I look forward to working with the Board of Aldermen, city hall, department leaders, and the citizen's of Adrian. 

I'd like to thank Hershel Cole and Bill Lunsford for all their hard work that they gave to this city. It has made us better. Let's keep Hershel in our prayers as he continues to fight illness.

As mayor of the great town of Adrian, I promise to the citizens and employees that I will be as attentive and committed as I have been as a husband and father and self employed businessman. While that's not a perfect record, just ask my family, I think they will agree to the consistency I have shown over the years. I promise to bring that same consistency here to city hall. I understand that this position does not hold much power. But it can influence power. I pray that God gives the board and I the wisdom to me the right choices for Adrian and the integrity to see them through.

There are obviously many things that need our attention. From the finances to the codes. From the dangerous properties to repaving the streets. We have our work cut out for us no doubt. I will do my best to continue on this direction of improvement that this board has already started. To accomplish these projects within these 4 main areas will indeed take all of us, including the employees, to listen to each other and be accountable to the tax payers of Adrian. Go Blackhawks!"

Matthew H. Cunningham
Adrian Mayor

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