Monday, April 18, 2022

April is National Donate Life Month

April is National Donate Life Month. 

Today, Bates County Memorial Hospital held a Donate Life flag raising ceremony to raise awareness for the vital need for organ donors. 

Pictured are Jenny Wainscott, BCMH Director of Finance and Doncella Liggins, Director of Health Information Management, who share a special bond as recipients of organ and tissue donation. Doncella’s life was spared in 2018 when she received a kidney thanks to a living organ donation from a close friend, and Jenny received a new tendon in her leg thanks to a donor who signed their driver’s license to become a donor upon their death.

Jenny is both active with Giving Fore Living, a local charity that seeks to support and raise awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation, in memory of Darin Wainscott, Jenny’s late brother-in-law, an organ donor.

Jenny commented, “Organ Donation — both living and by the unfortunate death of someone — are both very important. For our family it has helped us to heal tremendously. 

Knowing that Darin lives on in someone else is such a powerful thing. I am now a recipient. My new ACL is a donor tendon. You just never know what an impact you could make in someone else's life.”

Doncella, who is a strong advocate for live donor sharing said, “Please consider being a 'living donor.' I didn't fully understand the desperate need for organ donation until it hit me personally. 

The thought of living organ donation can be overwhelming and downright scary. Studies have shown that living donors live just as long as people who never donated. 

These selfless organ donors have a sense of happiness, reward, satisfaction, and a higher self-esteem than they had before donating. By becoming a living donor, you shorten the time a recipient spends on the waiting list.

Plus, you help another wait-listed patient because your donation vacates the recipient's spot on the list for the next person.

You just saved two lives! Please share the gift of life.”

Learn more and register to become a donor at
@Midwest Transplant Network #donatelife

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