Monday, April 4, 2022

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

 Knox, Danny L. to Knox, Danny L. (Trustee): Str 14-42-31 //Ne

Burris, June V to Yohe, Dustin: Lt 4 Bl 102 Rich Hill, Original Town Of

Cdj Enterprises to Gash Leasing: Str 28-42-31 //Se

Kershner, Rick to Christensen, Madelyne: Str 36-41-33 //Ne

Humble, William to Nelson, Trent: Bl 11 Walton’s Addn

Koehn, Myron to Koehn, Myron (Trustee): Str 8-38-31 //Sw

French, William M. Trust 09-29-2005 to Doughty, Brad: Str 5-38-33 //Nw

Thorp, William D to Gorski, Daniel: Lt 10 Bl 129 Town Company’s Third Addn+

Perryman, Tanor K. to Foss, Shayne: Bl 2 Harper’s (Albert) Subds 23-40-31

Kates, Edward Lee to Kates, Edward L. (Trustee): Lt 5 Bl 19 Rockville, Original Town Of+

Robinson, Guy P. to Morris, Caleb Wilson: Lt 5 Bl 3 William’s Addn

Wymore, Linda A. to Hendren, Tammy: Str 22-39-33+

Stanfill, Carl F. to Black, Kevin L.: Str 33-41-32 //Sw

Robinson, James Lee to Pctechnologies: Bl 4 Cogswells Addn

Haynie, William W. to Butler, City Of: Str 10-40-31 //Sw

Mundey, Alan J to Harris, Anissa: Lt 6 Country South

Row Haus Investments to Jackson, Douglas W: Lt 19 Park South Subd

Jl Willerton Holdings, Llc to Dixon, Thomas D.: Str 22-42-31 //Se

Stanley, Wade to Rooks, Dalton: Str 15-40-31 //Se

Rockville, Llc to Swaters, Joseph: Str 24-40-29 //Nw

Cantrell, Joshua to Sinclair, Margaret: Lt 1 Bl 4 William’s Second Addn

Allen, Glenda to Allen, Eldon: Str 20-40-32

Banes, Michael to Knowledge2ideas, Inc: Lt 10 Bl 87 Town Company’s First Addn

Cantrell, Sarah Katherine to Cantrell, Joshua Ryan: Lt 1 Bl 4 William’s Second Addn

Carleton, Mile & Marilynn Trust 04-10-2020 to Goth, Anthony: Str 5-38-32 //Nw

Haynie, William W. (Trustee) to Smith, Curtis A: Str 10-40-31 //Sw+

Marriage license:

Taber, Michael De’shaun and Schrock, Jaclyn Rayann

Thomas, Delbert Lee and Perkins, Tamara Denise

Tochtrop, Jordan Thomas and Bentley, Rose Claire

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