Friday, April 8, 2022

News from Michael G's Greenhouses

The last two years must have spoiled me. Sales were extraordinarily strong which helped make room for late planted things like tomatoes and vegetables. This year has been the exact opposite so far. I do know that spring will be here soon, I am just not sure of the day. Just like you, I am ready to set plants outside, but the wind, cold, and rain make that rather hard. I do thank those of you who have been out and bought things. Set them outside on the good days to acclimate them, leaving them on the porch or in the garage isn't good for them.

I have some nice 2 gallon pots of geraniums that take up too much room on sale for $8 each, they are usually $12.50. I have some wave pansies in baskets on sale for $10, they can be planted in the ground when you get tired of them and should come back next year. This Saturday and Sunday only I am going to have foliage baskets on sale for $15. They are nice but block a lot of light and put a lot of weight on my greenhouses.

Easter is the 17th, and I would like to be open only between one and four that afternoon. Someone will be here in the morning after ten if you forget. Come out when it gets warm, say a prayer for the greenhouses when the weather is bad.

The thing I dislike the most after 38 years in business are severe storms and strong winds. Only two layers of plastic are between everything and outdoors and I probably have an anxiety about that.

God tells us to be anxious about nothing, so I need to improve in that department! See you soon.

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