Friday, April 15, 2022

News from Michael G's Greenhouses

What a spring, wind, cold, and an occasional normal weather day to tease us. I do know it will warm up some day and stay there, but can't say exactly when. Usually by now we can set things outside to toughen them up, but so far not this year.

That has us really jammed up for space, but we did get some tomatoes and peppers done a couple of days ago. This weekend is Easter, and I will only be open from 1 to 4. The weather is supposed to be bad (surprise) so I will let all my help stay home.

If I had known the weather I would have just been closed most likely, but I advertise in local towns and you have to put those ads in the previous week.

Today and tomorrow, I will have all hanging baskets 10% off and succulent planters 25% off, this is a two day only sale. When it warms up we have been putting some baskets outside for $10. We sold out of the geraniums we had on sale last weekend pretty quickly.

I do not advertise these in the local papers, only on Facebook, so tell your friends they need to follow us there. We hope to see you when that warm weather arrives!

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