Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Severe Weather information from the office of the Emergency Management City of Butler

In the event of incoming severe weather that would include a direct path of the City of Butler and a radar indicating rotation by the national weather bureau. The storm spotters confirming a lowering of a cloud we will automatically set off the tornado sirens. As a rule, if the City of Butler is in the path of a storm with radar indicating rotation, we will set off the sirens.

If the weather bureau sets off the tone on your cell phone and it’s for Bates County but the City of Butler is not in its path, we will not set off the sirens. We will be monitoring the storm very closely. If the Tornado warning is for the City of butler and we cannot determine if there is a tornado due to the deteriorating weather conditions, the sirens will be set off. Keep in mind that your cell phones will go off any time there is a warning in Bates County but does not always mean the City of Butler is included in the warning. If there is ever any doubt as a safety precaution, we will set the sirens off.

Always keep in mind that outdoor warning sirens are not intended to be heard indoors. With a storm going on in the area or any other time you should be aware and monitor the situation. It will be priority of the EMA for the City of Butler to keep you informed with any threating weather in the city limits. You should always monitor the weather any way you can to be alerted of incoming weather and not depend on the storm sirens as they are outdoor warning only and not intended to be heard indoors.

Chief Bennett EMA/ Fire Chief

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