Monday, April 11, 2022

The Museum Minute: Fun ends with gunshot to leg

Courtesy of the Bates County Museum 802 Elks Drive, Butler Mo 64730 (660) 679-0134

Herrman’s Historical Happenings week of April 13

1871 The People’s Market of Butler has an ingenious device for keeping meat cool. An adjoining roon of the same size as the meat room is filled with ice & a ventilator to let the cool air flow over the meat.

1876 Since the creation of Appleton City last year, the fishermen of the Rockville area have sold fish as never before to fulfill the needs of the new town.

1889 Butler City Marshal Morgan raids a house of ill repute after there are complaints the occupants are enticing teenage boys. They are given a one way railroad ticket out of town.

1929 Paul Yarrick, a senior at Hume high school, is painfully injured when shot by City Marshall Campell, of Rich Hill. Yarrick was with some friends and their car stalls, Yarrick, with a wrench, plays like he’s robbing the others as the Marshal comes on the scene. He orders everyone to put up their hands, evidently Yarrick didn’t comply an is shot in the fleshy part of his leg.

1962 Today is the grand opening of Art Headley’s Standard Service station (Koehn’s Bakery location).

1972 It’s the grand opening of King Arthur’s store located at highway’s 71 & 52, Butler.

1978 Charles Wilson and Marvin Oerke, of the Butler area, return from Washington D.C., having been in the 10,000 American’s Agriculture movement who were lobbying for an emergency farm bill, that was turned down by the House of Representatives. They say the Congress “flat out lied to us” although 4th District Congressman Ike Skelton voted for the bill.

1981 A number of trees are uprooted and some building flattened in a violent but brief windstorm, Butler.

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