Monday, April 18, 2022

The Museum Minute: Senator Caskey Honored

Courtesy of the Bates County Museum 802 Elks Drive, Butler Mo 64730 (660) 679-0134

Herrman’s Historical Happenings week of April 20

1886 A mass meeting of about 100 coal miners of the Rich Hill Coal Co meet at Shobe and vote 90 to 1 to adopt the 8 hour system.

1916 Doctor C.P. Bowden of Appleton City dies from injuries suffered in the tornadoes of yesterday near Rockville.

1965 Daisy Mae Edgemon dies under a disc after falling from a tractor 12 miles Northwest of Butler.

1972 W. Ferrell Shuck, of Lees Summit, is the new publisher of the Bates Co Democrat newspaper, Butler.

1972 A letter to Bates Countians, from Doris Fuller, R.N. appears on the front page of the Bates County newspaper  stating there has been too much time wanted on the proposed county ambulance service. “It’s time to get on the bandwagon and pass it”.

1979 Spud’s Tater Patch saloon burns, just South of Butler Super Service on Business 71.

1987 Donald Leroy Howe, 39, of Butler is sent to the state pen for 5 years, found guilty of setting 9 arson fires in Butler between December 23 and January 27.

1998 Jerrel Allen, coach of the Appleton City Lady Bulldogs basketball team, finished 2nd in the 1-A State tourney, is named 1-A Coach of the Year.

2000 Some 150 residents of Hume and the Hume area converge on Jefferson City to surprise  and honor Harold L. Caskey, State Senator. Harold was valedictorian of the class of 1955, Hume High School. Caskey was presented a plaque in recognition of his service to the 31st District, Bates County and in particular, Hume.

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